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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 5, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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tonight -- the emergency situation near the valero refinery in benicia is over... but -- many residents in the area still concerned.hello - i'm pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve all started with a power outage at the refinery this morning. that was followed by "flaring" and the release of large plumes of thick black smoke. people downwind were ordered to evacuate... businesses closed, kids at school were oredered to shelter in place... and at one point interstate 680 was shutdown. more on this story ahead... (pam) but first -- tonight -- two men are in the hospital -- after being attacked by a group of minors at a park. police say, it started when the victims
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scolded the group of kids for a having a waterfight near younger children. it all happened yesterday evening around 7:00.... outside the palega recreation center in san francisco. kron4's charles clifford is following the story. according to the san francisco police department, just after 7pm thursday evening a group of twenty juveniles were having a water fight. . here. . outside the palega recreation center. at some point the group may have gotten to close to another group that included young children.when the father of one of the young children tried to scold the juveniles, 8 of the kids attacked him and another man. sotpoliced say one victim is 23-years-old and the other is 37.following the attack, some of the juveniles actually stayed in the area. when police arrived, one of the victims pointed out his attacker.sot investigators say that additional arrests are possible if more suspects can be identified. they are also interviewing additional witnesses and checking for nearby security camera video that may have recorded the assault. police say an attack like this is unusual for the
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area, but they will be keep an eye out for any problems.sot (pam) an arrest has been made in the brutal murder of a castro valley woman 36-year-old luckie dacany of stockton has been charged with the murder of andrea st. john. the 59 year-old's charred remains were found in the garage of her castro valley home in december of last year. officials say, dacany killed st. john with a knife,
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then set her house on fire. court documents show he acknowledged responsibility for the homicide .... and provided details only law enforcement would know about the case. dacany faces the death penalty if convicted. (steve) it was a double murder that rocked a coastal bay area community. now after 13 long years - authorities say they have a suspect in custody. this is who sonoma county sheriffs have under arrest tonight in a double murder that up until now has been a cold case. he is 38 year old shaun gallon of forrestville. sonoma county sheriff says it's a major breakthru in the investigation of the deaths back in 2004 of jason allen and lindsay cutshall. based on what detectives have been able to learn we feel confident that we have jason and lindsay's killer in custody. this shocked the community of jenner it was traumatic for them and for sonoma county. both victims were camp counselors - in california for
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a christian youth camp... sighting-seeing... when their bodies were discovered on a secluded beach in jenner. back then gallon was considered suspicious but there wasn't enough to connect him to the murders. gallon was arrested earlier this year for allegedly killing his brother. investigators say that's when gallon implicated himself in the 2004 cold case. (pam) in the south bay... after a long 13- weeks of testimony ... and two -and a half -days of closing arguments.... a jury is now deliberating the fate of the man accused in the murder of sierra lamar. the main suspect antolin garcia- torres will face the death penalty... if he is convicted of first degree murder, with a special circumstance for kidnapping. sierra lamarr's body has never been found, and legal analysts say, that could weigh heavily with the jury. one of the coordinators with sierra's search team says, he thinks the jury will do the right thing.. roger nelson/sierra search coordinator: " ultimately it's justice for sierra and the return of sierra to her family, which has been the main goal of the volunteers
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for the past five years.steven clark/legal analyst:" i think this deliberation could take a long time because each piece of evidence has been scrutinized by experts and the jury is now going to have to evaluate that evidence."(pam) the jury deliberated several hours this morning. deliberations will resume on monday. (steve) in oakland -- an experimental city sanctioned homeless encampment has now been cleared out. it comes after a fire.. at the camp under the 580 freeway... but the city says the decommisioning had been long in the works. kron4's hermela aregawi talked some of the people - who now say they have nowhere to go. (hermela aregawi)about a dozen people are left at this 36th and peralta camp.a city sanctioned six month experiment that was supposed to end last officials say the goal was to find a home for all 40 participants. but several people tell us they don't have anywhere to go. eddie a. smith/homeless and says he has no where to go:nobody wasn't thinking when they thought
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this out. you said we gotta move, where in the hell are we going to move to? you don't want us in the neighbhorhood. you don't want us down the street. you don't want us in the park. where are we gonna go?lionel hamilton/homeless : today they're shutting us down and we have no where to go. we asked the city administrator's office why?joe devries/assistant to the city administrator, oakland: unfortunately more people moved in as we moved people into housing even though we were very clear that we could only really deal with the original 40 individuals on monday night, a fire at the camp destroyed 20 tents.the third fire at a homeless encampment in oakland in three weeks.moving city officials to deem the property dangerous and begin clearing it. eddie a. smith/homeless and says he has no where to go:somebody burned the bottom of the freeway, that gives you the right to say fine now you guys gotta move. ok fine where are we gonna go? where do you us in your backyard? give us your address. we have no problem with that.neighbors like neema tucker are concerned.neemeka tucker/concerned neighbor: so this community means a lot to me. west oakland. so not only do i want our neighborhood to be protected, but i want these people that need assistance to get the adequate attention they need. they have mental health issues, ptsd, a lot of them are just struggling and don't have any place to go and a lot of the places around here are being bought up by people that are not investing
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back into the community.more than a dozen tents are still at the location.police tell us for now they'll allow what's left of the tents and the people here to stay.but they are not saying for how long. reporting in oakland, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news. clouds have greatly diminished over the past few hours although satellite still indicates a few patches across our region. thanks to the ridge of high pressure continuing to move to the east while a longwave trough advances to the coast, temperatures are cooler than yesterday. some locations well inland have seen the biggest drop -- livermore is running 18 under this time on thursday.
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(pam) now back to our top story tonight: the flaring at the valero refinery in benicia.(steve) kron4's ella sogominan is live with the latest. as of 5:45 tonight all evacuations and shelters in place have been lifted. so things have returned to normal for nearby residents.who've watched the active flares all day long that are now finally simmering down. sot: danny danielson, benecia resident// "intense looking with the huge flames and the black smoke." danny danielson captured extraordinary footage of black chemical clouds on his phone. he watched as the valero refinery down the street from his benecia home released massive flares from stacks since 6:30 friday morning.sot: danny danielson, benecia
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resident//"i thought it was interesting and a spectacular kind of fire."a valero spokesperson says power to the plant comes in two lines.that pg&e deenergized one for planned maintenece and the other failed to work for a reason unknown at this time. with no back up generator the refinery was forced to burn hydrocarbon that otherwise can't safely be stored. danielson hasn't seen anything like it in ten years since exxon operated the refinery. sot: danny danielson, benecia resident//"and the wind was blowing in this direction so it did create more of a big deal for us."he says this time the wind pushed the gas clouds east and away from town so he wasn't worried. the u.s. epa tested the air and found the level of hydric sulphide and sulphur dioxide was ten times the normal background.daylon walling used to work at the plant as a security guard. sot: daylon walling, former valero security// "my immediate concern was something was terribly wrong." walling says all valero staff would wear a device to detect toxic chemicals in the air in a situation like this.sot: daylon walling, former valero security// "one of the most dangerous chemicals that would be released is h2s. it's an undetectable gas. in order to detect it you would have to wear a monitor. which if it was in the area it would vibrate and beep."local authroties assured the emergency has calmed. sot: jim
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lydon, benecia fire chief/ / "the valero refinery has reached a level they are stable. they've restored their steam production. which has reduced the release of particular matter."the valero refinery makes propane, butane, jet fuel and ultra low sulphur diesel to name a few products. power was restored but flaring went on for most of the investigation is still underway for why the second line failed. live in benecia ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (steve) kron4 has been on top of this story all day... we first broke the kron4 morning show... here's how it all played out.... it all started around 6:40 this morning... the refinery lost power for about 18 minutes,
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that resulted in flaring and the release of large plumes of smoke. these are just some of the viewer videos we recieved... two elementary schools were ordered to shelter- in- place for most of the day... the benicia industrial park was also evacuated. c-h-p officers closed a portion of interstate- 680... at about 7:50 in the morning. traffic was diverted onto interstate 780 and lake herman road. interstate-680 was back open at about nine this morning. (steve) and we first told you about the flaring at the valero refinery at about 7:56 this morning.... if you want breaking news alerts sent to your phone all you have to do is download the free kron 4 mobile app. (pam) coming up:a massive sinkhole swallows a truck in san francsico.. now there are concerns ... this might be part of a much bigger problem lurking under the streets and sidewalks. (steve) then -- also new at ten: homeowners beware.. we have surveillance showing the part of your of your home... that could make you an easy target for thieves..
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and next: watch out for rattelsnakes. just how many one company removed from east bay backyards today alone.
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) happening now: be on the lookout for rattlesnakes. one east bay company we talked with.. worked 18 -hours today --- responding to call after call .. asking them to remove the cold- blooded creatures...
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many of those snakes were in people's yards. kron four's spencer blake got an up- close look at the rattlesnake wranglers in action. (nats rattling)the sound can send chills down your spine. and so can trying to shoot video of the most well-known venomous snakes."it's a very busy time right now for rattlesnake removal."that's luis fraser, who has always loved reptiles.after ten years in the military, he had a hard time adjusting to civilian life, so he started his company, rattlesnake removal u-s-a, to feel productive.his wife jenae goes on house calls with him."i think we got one!" friday alone, they caught about a dozen snakes in places all over the east bay, and up into napa.luis says this year's rain means more plants for rodents, which means more snakes will be out hunting could run into rattlers anywhere where humans are right up against wildlife areas."a lot of times we'll get 'em in horse pens, or people with livestock. i do jobs for wineries, for hoas." (nats: rattling)one of those guys is a good four inches
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around.but just because they're big doesn't always mean they can hurt you."people mistake this for a rattlesnake -- it's just a gopher snake - because of its pattern, and it actually imitates a rattlesnake."and it's totally harmless.despite what you may have heard about grabbing a snake behind its head so its mouth can't reach you, the frasers think that's a riskier way to go about it. "i've never been bitten. i practice steve irwin's technique, which was tailing the snake - grabbing it by the tail and using a stick."though luis and jenae pulled a snake from one of the yards on this street, neighbors i talked to were happy to reportthey hadn't seen anything slithering around.and they might have been a little glad áthey weren't the ones catching the rope-like reptiles."i guess all the more power to them. it's a job."(looklive tag) "you're probably wondering what they do with those snakes after they catch them. well fraser says they are all humane, so they get permission to re-release them into the wild in state parks. in alamo, spencer blake, kron four news. (steve) a missing dog in
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castro valley has been found dead.... inside its owner car. but tonight -- it is still unclear how the dog got there. we first told you about the search for "murfee" earlier this week. according to the dog's owners --- the three year old german sheperd was found dead this morning. the owner says the dog was taken over the weekend.... and it was ánotá in the car as of monday.the animal was a rescue dog and helped mentor other pets. a ten thousand dollar reward had been offered for the dog's safe return. (pam) we are learning more about a police shooting in sonoma county. it happened overnight in cotati. investigators say, it all started when several fights broke out -- as bars in downtown were closing. cotati police requested backup from sonoma state university campus police... at one point -- there was a report of a man fighting with a woman -- and when bystanders tried to intervene -- the man pulled a gun. the suspect took off by the time police arrived -- but officers did hear gunshots in the distance. a few hours later, a sonoma state campus police officer found a
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suspect fitting the description. according to investigators, the man was acting aggressively, and when tasing him did not have an effect, the officer fired his weapon. no word on the suspect's condition tonight. (steve) tonight -- the cause of a sinkhole that swallowed a big rig in san francisco this morning remains a mystery. now there are concerns that this scene... might be the sign of a bigger problem lurking under the streets. kron4's dan kerman has reaction from the driver that was in the truck -- and what the city is doing in response tonght. this is what it looks like when a 5 foot deep 10 foot by 20 foot sinkhole swallows up a big rig. it happened about 520 this morning on 7th street near townsend in san francisco sot alejandro curiel/truck driver 11-14i cant believe this happened to methe driver escaped from the drivers door uninjured and the big rig was eventually towed away then the sf puc began looking for a causesot betsy rhodes/sf puc 22-30the crews dug down 15 feet and found a 3 foot void
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between the top of the aspalt and the ground underneath it. typically that void is caused because a leaky pipe has washed away the dirt under the roadway but crews found no leakssot one o f the reasons they dug down so far was to find any source of water intrustiion, they check the sewer pipe and the water pipe and no leakswhile a leaky pipe may not be the cause of this sinkhole, it remains a common cause especially in a city with aging infrastructure.sot that's why san francisco has a program in place with a goal of repairing or replacing 15 miles of water pipe and 15 miles of sewer pipe each year. they also have larger projects in the works like here on van ness avenue sot chris colwick/sf puc 116-124we are working close with mta and public works to replace the very old sewer and water mains under the center of van ness. in all van ness project will cover about 4 miles of pipe.
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(pam) friday night.. people out on the town.. or kicking up their heels at home... a live look outside things will be cooler this weekend.(steve) not only cooler.. but windy as well.. chief meterologist brittney shipp has details. clouds have greatly diminished over the past few hours although satellite still indicates a few patches across our region. thanks to the ridge of high pressure continuing to move to the east while a longwave trough advances to the coast, temperatures are cooler than yesterday. some locations well inland have seen the biggest
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drop -- livermore is running 18 under this time on thursday.
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april showers
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♪ it was shaping up to be a most miserable day. ♪ but then, destiny struck. did may imagine april showers bringing her fashionable, flowers at such a sunny price? never but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. marshalls. your surprise is waiting. (steve) take a look at this... home surveillance
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video captured a man breaking into a home though a doggy door.. it happened back in february in albuquerque, new mexico... but the surveillance video was just released... police say the thief grabbed a handful of things before rushing out of the home... instead of using the front door once he was inside he... again...used the doggy door to escape. police say the man was caught after bringing the stolen items to a pawn shop. a good reminder of the lengths thiefs will go to.. to break into your home. (steve) police in las vegas are looking for two suspects involved in punching a man in the face for no reason. that single unprovoked punch left the father of five dead and an entire family heart-broken. luis campos from southern- california...died thursday. three days after someone punched him in the face outside of the vanguard lounge. campos was waiting to get into the club, with his brother when he was approached by two suspects. his family
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is trying to understand how one punch ended it all and the motive behind it.
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tour of the area.... and was headed back to the santa barbara airport when it experienced mechanical problems. (pam) the woman attacked by a shark in southern california last week, is on the road to recovery.. 35-year-old leanne ericson lost a large portion of her right leg after she was attacked.. it happened off the coast of camp pendleton in san diego. ericson's trauma surgeon says, she is doing better... but still has a long way to go. (steve) coming up:historic and deadly flooding -- with more rain on the way... we are tracking the mounting devastation in the central united states... (pam) then: they are designed to help kids focus.... but now some schools want them banned from the classroom. what you need to know about "fidget spinners". (steve) and next: the dramatic new treatment giving new hope to a bay area family with a child struggling with a rare spinal disease...
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and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot. better. together. in depth tonight a story
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about courage, tenacity and perserverance. it is about parents who are keeping up the fight .... to find a cure to a rare genetic diesease, that is has gripped their son for 16- years.(steve) as kron 4's justine waldman reports the mchale family in the east bay has dramatic new hope
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tonight because of a breakthrough in modern medicine. at six months old, doctors told danny mchale's parents to kiss him for the last time.he had a terminal disease and this was it. the diagnosis crushed new parents joe and mary mchale.1s m sot (crying) is this the end? it was really hard but danny did not give up this bubbly baby boy has spinal muscular atrophy or sma.. rare disease affecting muscle strength and movement2s m sot we just wouldn't accept that we would lose him (we kept saying no he is going to be the miracle)danny's been in a wheelchair since age 2. before the age of 5, he was hospitalized numerous times.. with multiple surgeries, including a spine operation to correct scoliosis.there were times, the mchale's questioned if they were saving for a funeral or a college education. 2s m sot i have learned we need to believe in miracles and fight for themnatsand fight they danny's thrives.the 16 year old high
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school junior zips around monta vista high school in danville.were he excels in algebra and physics.nats talkingand is one of the most well liked kids in school.nats at home, he needs constant medical care.. including treatments to clear his lungs. never far from his side.. service dog lakeyears of dedication, determination and grassroots efforts to raise millions of dollars has also lead to a breakthrough.2s jsot at minimal level it would stop the progression of the disease and anything above that would be icing on the cake and we are expericing the icing on the cake nowdanny just has started a new drug, called spin-raza.just approved in late 2016, the medicine is altering danny's genetics creating more proteins and building is injected like an epidural in the spine. interestingly, by the same doctor who examined danny at six months and told his parents he would not live, after just two doses the mchale's say danny moves like they never thought possible.natshis right arm rises to his chest.he can wiggle his fingers.natskick his foot.he is gaining strength allowing better control of his wheelchair.and his speech to improvejustine: how do you feel?danny: good. justine: did you ever think this was possible?danny: no.2s m sot there is a light on in his eyes he is on fire he is
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so excited now about having the possibility of hope rather than lossdanny has several more doses of spinraza to go where it could lead beyond any expectation the mchale's had for their little baby boy. 1s m sot (crying) it is like a dreaminstead of a kiss good bye one of hope and happiness. nats oh yeah kiss justine waldman kron 4 news.(whisper i love you)
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(pam) danny's parents are so encouraged by the new drug... not just for their teenaged son but for what it means for other children who now might be able to get the treatment, when they are first diagnosed as infants. we do want to mention next weekend there is a big event to raise funds to help find a cure for s-m-a. "round up the cure" will be held at the diablo country club. we have all of the details posted on our website. we also want to mention that danny is part of steve's extended family. (steve) yes he is i've watched him grow up... and his brother, mom and dad would be quick to say that they are a part of a remarkable community
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in danville, that's been there there through t ball, eagle scouts and junior prom at monte vista high school. to see how the drug spinraza is helping him is an inspiration and a victory for everyone. (pam) another big story tonight..we are getting a clearer picture of the tough road ahead for the republican obamacare replacement bill. the new measure passed the house of representatives yesterday ... it will face a serious roadblock in the senate. reporter phil mattingly has the details. trump: "this has really brought the republican party together."president trump and congressional republicans, despite this very public celebration.and this declarationtrump: "we're going to get this passed through the senate. i feel so confident."are quickly coming to grips with reality: the senate is going to do it's own thing.sen. bill cassidy / (r) louisiana: "well, the senate will write it's own bill. i mean, that's the way it works, right."senate republicans will need at least 50 of the 52 gop
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senators to sign onto a final bill for it to pass the chamber, but so far many are cold to the very proposal. their house colleagues labored for weeks to squeeze through. already making clear in statements that from the structure of the tax credit, to the sunset of the medicaid expansion, obamacare's regulatory infrastructure - even the bill's defunding of planned parenthood - each major piece will need to be rewritten sen. lamar alexander / (r) tennessee: "there won't be any artificial deadlines we will carefully consider the legislation passed by the house . we will work together carefully to write our own bill . we will make sure we know what our bill costs when we vote on it."top senators from across the party's ideological committed to working groups - an effort, gop aides say, to reach crucial consensus before publicly moving forward on the bill. the 13 member senate gop working group doesn't include any of the five republican women.but the push and pull inside the party is reminiscent of the fractures that nearly killed the bill in the house.
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(pam) president trump looks to have his itinerary set for his first foreign trip since becoming president. he had already planned to attend a nato meeting in belgium... and a g-seven meeting in italy later this month. but white house officials say, the trip now includes stops in israel, saudi arabia and the vatican. the say, it is part of a strategy to reach out across religions.. to fight extremism. (steve) happening now:some rivers and streams are receding after days of rain caused widespread flooding across the united states.. but the many areas are not out of danger yet.chief meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the latest. (brittney) the missouri and mississippi rivers will crest tomorrow in and around st louis... this is new helicopter video showing the damage from the st. louis area... devastated by flooding.
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tonight -- the flooding is being blamed for as many as a dozen deaths. rain brings misery to the central u-s...with parts of missouri, arkansas and eastern illinois either under flood warnings ... or under water. bill coats/volunteer: unbelievable, the amount of water that came through here. it's just unreal."weeks of heavy rainfall has pushed rivers past their boundaries and punched holes in levees. michelle worley/home flooded: "it's been, i can't explain it. it's just overwhelming. bridges have been wiped out, hundreds of roads closed and thousands of people living in towns across the region have been pushed from their homes voice of lee simmons/oregon co. emergency mgmt dir.:"this little community has been devastated."river towns have worked tirelessly to save homes and businesses.joe carter/stranded by floods:"our world has just crashed, you know?"emergency officials warn residents to remain vigilant and heed any warnings they receivecaptain ricky morales/jackson county sheriff's dept.:"take the long way, what's the risk of losing everything. your loved one not getting to see you again.. you know, just use common sense right now."water is receding in some places and the cleanup has begun but more rain is in the forecast ... and some worry for the future.mos:"just scared, nervous, you know it
10:38 pm
happened last year, we never expected that to happen and now we are seeing it again. could it come next year and the years after that? we don't know." (pam) still ahead: they are the latest craze for kids....tonight : the problem "fidget spinners" are causing in classrooms coming upthere's people running lights, driving drunk and you worried about my licence being covered if you
10:39 pm
drive in san carlos, you best make sure your plates are in tip top shape i'll expalin in the next edition of people behaving badly
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walmart is rolling out a new grocery pickup service at two of its central new york locations- camillus and oneida. "we're evolving as a consumer, we're evolving as a customer, we're evolving as a society. we don't want to spend the time in malls or stores. we'd rather just have the convenience," said anna piatkowska, an assistant manager of the walmart in camillus.the store took that into account when they launched their new grocery pickup use it, you download the grocery app or go to, pick
10:42 pm
what you want, and when you want to pick it up. after that, the hard part's over. "all you do is simply pull up on the side of the building, we then go ahead and load your groceries in the vehicle for you. normally, we'll see you but if not there's a number you can call. it's a cell phone that calls us directly," piatkowska said.piatkowska said the whole purpose is to save you money and time.the grocery pick-up service is says they have no immediate plans to expand this service to its other central new york stores. new york stores.other central service to its other central new york stores.
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(steve) if you know a middle school kid, or a parent or teacher of one... chances are you've seen the simple little colorful device that's driving them all crazy lately.(pam) it is called a fidget spinner, and its name likely gives you a clue as to why some classrooms are banning them -- and some toy stores are selling out. noelle gardner explains. business has been great for toy shops. the hottest toy for kids and kids at heart.... the fidget spinner aaron schiff /13 year old: "you can sit there for hours and hours and you don't get bored with them, you watch them just spin."lori hershman "i've been up late at night."lori hershman says the fidget spinner keeps your hands busy so you can concentrate.jordie's toy shoppe has been spinning, keeping the toy in stock. "now they are asking for these glow ones, the ones when you pin them they'll light up."judy falaro, professor of special education at quinnipiac university says it's a distraction in the classroom. aaron schiff /13 year old: some of them are very loud and people are holding them up- and that can be annoyingthis has become such a fad that everybody in the classroom has one and in some district they've said you're not allowed to take them out
10:47 pm
during class."the three pronged gadget made of plastic and ball bearings is also marketed for people with autism and adhd to provide a calming and distracting effect. "to market it for children who have special needs without a lot of research to show and also since the way it has worked out in classrooms it's a tremendous distraction i think that's an injustice."the fidget spinner craze caught on a few months ago and still going strong. "we have been though a lot of fads in the past and you could just feel the build up.""i could use it with one hand and be on the phone with the other if i'm at work."jordie's toy shoppe thinks fidget fad sweeping the nation will last until the end of the school year. (steve) some schools in
10:48 pm
california have banned the toy from classrooms. (pam) we've reached out to school districts in the bay area... to find out what their policies are on the fidget spinners... and so far - they are still allowed. clouds have greatly diminished over the past few hours although satellite still indicates a few patches across our region. thanks to the ridge of high pressure continuing to move to the east while a longwave trough advances to the coast, temperatures are cooler than yesterday. some locations well inland have seen the biggest drop -- livermore is running 18 under this time on thursday.
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the giants in cincinnati taking on the reds. rough outing for matt cain... bottom of the first -- jose peraza brings in the third run of the frame... (cain: 3.1 ip, 10 hits, 9 runs, 6 bb) and after loading the bases in the fourth... peraza
10:50 pm
again... hits a triple to make it 9-1. cincinnati wins 13-3 the a's were back at home to open a weekend series against the tigers bob melvin's face says it all after a disspointing start by andrew triggs. in the third -- victor martinez hits a 2-rbi single to score a pair of runs for detroit. in the sixth -- triggs loads the bases... jim adduci triples down the right field line to put the game away for the tigers. (triggs: 5.1 ip, 8 hits, 5 runs) detroit wins 7-2 the warriors will be looking for the second
10:51 pm
straight sweep. after a dominant performance last night against the jazz... klay thompson and golden state flew to utah and had practice at vivint smart home arena before game three tomorrow night there was a bit of concern with draymond green's health, after his knee locked up during the fourth quarter last night as of now, green is listed as probable for game three. warriors acting head coach mike brown is not too concern with draymond's health... his main focus is making sure the team takes care of the ball for game 3(sot: brown) mike brown:"what helped us cover up for the mistakes was our ability to get out and run push the ball in transition that was very good. we know that as the game went along utah started to do it too and we welcome the increase tempo in the ball game. we feel good
10:52 pm
about playing that way". steve kerr...did not make the trip to utah as he continues to find ways to fix his severe back pain. the warriors head reportedly seeing a specialist at duke university medical center. kerr...left the team in the middle of their first round series...after the debilitating symptoms from back surgery returned he has also met with specialists at stanford university. and let's take a look at the playoff schedule. game 3 tomorrow night... warriors have a chance to close it out monday with game 4. if the jazz get a win, then game 5 is wednesday in oakland. finally, we'll end with spurs and rockets. argubly the most evenly match series in round two after spliting the first two games, kawhi leonard and james harden were looking to put their team ahead in the series. in the third -- kawhi throws it down to put san antonio up by nine (leonard: 26 pts, 10 reb, 7 ast) harden responds with slam of his own... he finished with 43 points in the game
10:53 pm
lemarcus aldrige puts the game away in the fourth with an easy lay-in inside. (aldrige: 26 pts, 7 reb) final: 103-92 san antonio after getting blown out in game one... the spurs lead the series 2-1 (pam) much more news coming up at the top of the hour. with summer just around the corner... the hot weather is bringing out rattlesnakes... we'll show you just how big these snakes are and how many were found at homes in the east bay... stay tuned for kron 4 news at eleven... all the day's big stories , and your forecast, in half the time.(steve) but first... stanley is back with a brand new edition of people behaving badly: find out why your license plates should be in tip top shape... we'll explain.
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(( steve )) as a simple matter of safetyin california every vehicle is required to have a front and a back license plate (( pam )) there is also a law that says, drivers cannot alter the plates in anyway .. that includes removing the reflective coating. yet there are websites instructing drivers how to do just that .. (( steve )) so while you may be paying your fair share when it comes to bridge tolls or fastrack there are some people cheating the system and costing taxpayers millions per year, but watch out. there's people running lights, driving drunk and you worried about my licence being covered people have figured out so many ways to alter their license plates, often to avoid red light cameras, fastrak and license plate readers. one way
10:58 pm
is to cover the plates the citation is for the license cover you can't have any type of cover over your license plates.san mateo county sheriff's office patols the streets of san carlos , they are looking for covered or altered license platesyou see the loss of reflectivity here and the reason is simple the city installed plate readers like this on the roads that enter and leave san carlos they only read the rear plates the plate readers are being credited for catching a bad guy who is suspected of 3 or 4 home burgleries siren so now if you are rolling through san carlos with paper plates the thing that is going on now is where having a big push because (i'm not say this is you) but a lot of people will cover their plates, take their plates off obbscure the plates to avoid volations tolls and so forth we have additional people on today looking for such violationsand oh boy were they out there in fact this driver actually had plates issued to the truckthe plates were issued and they were issued over a month ago i
10:59 pm
tried to talk to the driver are you filming (always filming) im not releasing any information to be on the be on the air (well i don't actually need your permission but thank you) we where not in a public place this is a private place) laughter is this your proerty no stanley then we are in public then someone who represented the property stepped in you guys are fine no problem at all enjoy your dayif you're rolling through with altered plates you're goinbg to need to get them fixed the funny thing is most drivers calm its just wear ann tear of the plates but look at this on many of the cars, the sam exact plate the read is damaged and the front is in percect conditions.. how do you explain that falicia can i get you to sign yea you (censored) rediculas you guys gonna find something better to do than to fine sonone over some bull(censored) btw way it's only a fix-it ticket, unless the officer can prove you intentally altered the plates .then it jumps to a felony. in san carlos stanley roberts kron 4 news (steve) our top story tonight... as the
11:00 pm
weather is getting warmer.. there is a warning out tonight... be on the lookout for rattlesnakes. i'm steve aveson...(pam) and i'm pam moore... the warmer temperatures ... bringing out the cold- blooded creatures... and rattlesnake removal wranglers have had their hands full with slithery pests working overtime--- responding to call after call .(steve) kron four's spencer blake got an up-close look at the rattlesnake wranglers in action. (nats rattling)the sound can send chills down your spine. and so can trying to shoot video of the most well-known venomous snakes."it's a very busy time right now for rattlesnake removal."that's luis fraser, who has always loved reptiles.after ten years in the military, he had a hard time adjusting to civilian life, so he started his company, rattlesnake removal u-s-a, to feel productive.his wife jenae goes on house calls with him."i think we got one!" friday alone, they caught about a dozen snakes in places all over the east bay, and up into napa.luis says this year's rain means more plants


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